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About Pharmediqo

Effective clinical data management (CDM) is at the core of any successful clinical trial. At Pharmediqo, we’ve made the collection and handling of clinical trial data a central part of our entire service offering. Pharmediqo CDM team leaders have more than 10 years of experience, on average, and a background in medicine or biological sciences. Each has experience in multiple therapeutic areas and in handling data needs for local, regional and global trials.

CDM services are available as part of our integrated service offering or under a complete or partial Functional Service Provider (FSP) relationship. Our global staff uses our well- documented processes and service levels agreements to ensure timely deliverables. We handle all phases of clinical research across the full spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Our Team has many years of Industry experience working with clinical data management systems as well as working on our customers’ systems provided by other vendors. Pharmediqo can provide complete data management for your project or individual services needed

■ CRF page tracking

■ CRF design

■ Database design and programming

■ Integration of data from other sources

■ Coding

■ Data validation

■ Status and tracking reports

■ Patient related outcomes

■ SAE reconciliation

■ Electronic Data Capture

■ Paper CRF studies

■ Double data entry

■ Data coding and cleaning

■ Validated electronic edit checks

■ Support for EDC and Paper CRF’s

■ Creating SAS Data extracts

Who We Are

Our esteemed organization PHARMEDIQO LLC, aims to bring together the leading scientists, researchers, and research scholars to ignite the young hearts towards the never-ending growth of science and share their experiences about the developments in the field of science and technology. Witnessing the epical growth and advancements in this scientific arena we are revolutionising and reinventing the podium to the science conference. Our innovative ideas are derived from the expertise scientist and ideologists and they are the backbone of our company. Having associated with more than 1000 eminent scientists and real time practitioners made us evolve as one of the outrageous conference organizers in the market. For the first time ever in the recent time we have made it so simple to identify the conference of your interest to excel and create a career path. We encourage the science enthusiasts and learners to gain the best of the conference with extremely exciting opportunities.